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What and when

Sailing in the Faroe Islands demands a complete surrender to the conditions set by mother nature. A clear and sunny sky is a welcome icing on the cake, but the right wind, currents and wave conditions are paramount.  When the rigth conditions are predicted, we scedule trips that demand special conditions. 


When there are spontaneous trips, they'll appear here.

G! Festival Cruise

Sail with the old scooner rigged wooden ship to the G! festival where we deliver you to the beach in a rubber dinghy. Old Scool cool! 

Thursday at 5PM arriving at G! approximatly at 8PM.

Sigl við Norðlýsinum á G! og ver settur upp á sandin við gummibáti. Old Scool Cool!

Hósdagin kl. 17:00. á G! umleið kl. 20:00

12 seats available

Product number: 20190711_1700

500,00 kr.