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Sailing in the Faroe Islands demands a complete surrender to the conditions set by mother nature. A clear and sunny sky is a welcome icing on the cake, but the right wind, currents and wave conditions are paramount.  When the rigth conditions are predicted, we scedule trips that demand special conditions. 


When there are spontaneous trips, they'll appear here.

Sailors day in Klaksvík

We sail from Tórshavn at 4AM and enjoy the sunrise at 5:35AM.

At 9AM we join the procession of sailships that sail for Klaksvík.

Enjoy the Sailors day in Klaksvík until we leave for Tórshavn again at 11PM.

Expect to be back in Tórshavn at 3AM

This route offers a unique opportunity to experience the Faroes from the seafront.

12 seats available

Product number: 20190817_0400

950,00 kr.


Norðlýsið was the second ship built at the Tórshavn Shipyard. It is built from Canadian oak which is said to be exceptionally good. The ship was finished and given the first owners 5th of May in 1945, the same day as World War II ended. Beleive us when we say that Norðlýsið has seen a lot of fish in its time. 

For centuries fisheries has been vital to the survival of the Faroese people. Sailors have risked their lives at sea, where many of them also died. Today, the fishing industry is still the principal industry of the Faroe Islands, and the Sailor’s Day honours its men and traditions. It is a yearly event that takes place on the third weekend of August, and everything is free of charge.

According to tradition, the day starts with morning coffee on the quay, followed by a line of peculiar contests that all relate to the fishing industry, such as repairing fishing trawls and baiting a long line.

There is also a delicious Faroese fish buffet, a fishing competition as well as a giant water battle, where children and those who are young at heart participate.

The Sailor’s Day has something to offer all age groups and is a unique opportunity to learn about the fishing industry in a fun and informal manner.

If you are in the Faroe Islands at this time of year, it is an absolute must!